T Solutions Inc

Acquisition Management

T-Solutions’ engineers, analysts and specialists have supported acquisition management throughout the life cycle of systems. We manage the flow of resources from procurement and distribution to disposal and reverse logistics, as needed. Our team can prepare acquisition documentation, analyze operation and maintenance procedures, develop logistics support metrics, prepare provisioning documentation, train operator and maintenance personnel, and develop operational manuals, depending on the need of the organization. These analysts can be called up to use their resources to model, analyze and optimize current systems, and recommend changes to improve the overall efficiency of the system.

T-Solutions personnel have specific experience supporting major shipbuilding programs in Navsea in all aspects of the ship acquisition process. We are particularly experienced on the waterfront in shipyards with the oversite of ship construction by providing production and ILS progress reports, quality assurance check point specialists, sea trial team augmentation, guarantee/warrantee engineering personnel and fleet introductory support personnel.