T Solutions Inc

Maintenance Engineering

One of T-Solutions’ most recognized programs is the Port Engineer Program. We recruit, hire, train and support a large cadre of highly experienced Maritime and Navy engineers providing waterfront maintenance engineering support services to U.S. Navy surface ships as well as the Regional Maintenance Commands (RMCs) and U.S. Fleet Forces Command (USFFC). T-Solutions’ Port Engineers are the key members of Maintenance Teams which validate, screen, prioritize and assign all off-ship maintenance for their assigned ships. Our Port Engineers embody “corporate maintenance knowledge” for their ships, with many serving over 10 continuous years on the same ship or class.

Port Engineers are enablers of the application of Condition Based Maintenance and Continuous Maintenance to optimize surface ship maintenance Port Engineers duties include:

  • Act as the RMC and COMNAVSURFORCE single point of contact in coordinating efforts of all maintenance and planning activities in support of depot and intermediate level repairs, maintenance, and modernization for assigned ships.
  • Validate and diagnose maintenance requirements based on their knowledge and experience and recommend maintenance actions to assigned Ship COs.
  • Screen level of maintenance (depot vs. IMA) based on their knowledge and experience.
  • Develop maintenance business plan for review and decision by the ship CO and the RMC Commanding Officer.
  • Provide technical leadership and coordination for their Maintenance Team.
  • Provide management and quality oversight of the execution of maintenance in repair activities.


We number over 120 port engineers plus support staff and are present in every U.S. Navy home port. Our team is assigned to all classes of U.S. Navy surface ships: LHA, LHD, LSD, LPD, LCC, CG, DDG, FFG, PC, MCM, and LCS. To illustrate the scope of our experience, over the last five years, our team has accomplished the following:

  • Completed over 400 CNO Navy ship availabilities
  • Planned and monitored over 2,600 availabilities of all kinds
  • Managed and validated over 820,000 work requests
  • Planned and monitored more than 106,000 work specifications
  • Planned and monitored the installation of over 13,900 Ship Alterations (Shipalts)