T Solutions Inc

Program Management

Program management requires the management of interdependent issues across a multitude of projects. At T-Solutions, program management is the aspect of management that creates both the structure and best practices to guide a program and provide senior-level leadership, oversight and control. Our analysts and managers are capable of providing and interpreting policy, creating an environment that fosters sustainable progress for a program, while reviewing the process to ensure alignment with an overall strategic vision. Key to our program management success is promoting a strong relationship with all team members across the program. By fully understanding our clients' needs, our experts are able to target the most relevant solutions and develop effective strategies to implement those solutions to achieve the desired results.

The T-Solutions team has provided assistance to our clients in the management of complex programs such as the U.S. Navy's Port Engineer Program, NAVSEA's foreign military sales program and Amtrak's rolling stock maintenance program. Each of these programs was comprised of multiple projects that work together to synergistically enable the production of a superior end product.